Daddy/Daughter Dialogue

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm not exactly sure why I'm still amazed each day, because it has already happened so many times... but how does a 16 month old out of nowhere pick up dialogue and vocabulary that you haven't focused on...
5 exchanges that happen just about every day between Me and my Daughter.
1. "Bah"
"what's that honey, you want to take a bath?"
"Bah, Daddy"
"you want to take a bath with Daddy?" *shakes head yes*

2. *As the bath is filling up* "tee" *holds hand up to mouth sideways*
"you want to brush your teeth before we get in the bath?" *shakes head yes*

3. "Honey, do you want a cracker?"
"Coo coo, coo coo"
"you can't have a cookie right now honey, what about a cracker or some kiwi?"....
"coo coo"

4. "Moufff" *runs over to the cat holding one of their toy mouses*
"honey if you chase them they won't play with the mouse"
*runs toward me, throws mouse at me* "moufff, meooowww"
"honey, I can't make the cats play with it, they are lazy"
5. *leans down in sitting position*
"poo poo"
"oh man"
"pee pee"
"ok, let's get a new diaper"

I love this girl so much.

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