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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Since Addy turned one a couple of months back things seem to be moving quicker than ever. I see her mind developing with each new experience. Each night we read books to her she remembers more and more and becomes more involved. She is becoming more and more of my little buddy. I have been taking more short videos lately with my phone, and I figured I would share a couple of my favorite recent ones illustrating some funs times we've been having.

A common occurrence lately is my wife practicing her vocal lesson for the week and having Addy have to get up on her lap and mess with the keyboard. A couple of hours ago I hear some loud Herby Hancock sounding jams coming from outside of my office. I hopped up to see what the ruckus was and saw this.

We went shopping yesterday, and like many outings to the grocery store (stuff we can't get from the farmers market) she has to help with the cart, and run through the isles... and rip her hat and scarf off.

She has her new favorite ball, it cracks me up to see her kick it. She also likes when I bounce it off of my head.

I don't know where this sound started, but kind of a pretty complex rhythm, maybe she is copying my beatboxing.

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