Modern Day Shoe Box

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I guess you would consider this to be the modern day equivalent to finding an old shoe box in a closet stuffed with past photos of yourself. An old external hard drive that I thought I had lost, and/or was dead... but I indeed stumbled upon it and was able to get it mounted and I'm glad that I did. They aren't 80's pre teen me showing off my ill sweat suit and sideways hat, but some go back 7 years, and it feels like forever ago.  Like...

Rachel surprised me in early 2007 with a trip to Pittsburg so we could go to the Warhol Museum.

How about a kiss, later that year, at her Bridal Shower. (yes I crashed the party with flowers)

A video while we were in France on our Honeymoon.  (excuse my curse at the end, I wasn't a dad yet)

Glad that I have this photo again to remind me of the best meal that I have ever had in my life (Giverny, France)

This old gem (sorry, only could find this edited version)...

Pictures we took of the first time we saw our house...

There are a ton of oldies and goodies on here, but the most important of all were... OUR WEDDING PHOTOS!!! My wife would have KILLED me if I lost them. 

I think in the year since my Daughter was born I have taken more photos than the 33 years before that. I'm glad that I didn't lose this portion of our lives, it was great to open up that drive and re-explore those times again. 

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