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Monday, November 14, 2011

I have had a pretty busy design schedule lately. I was very excited to get the new Sometimes Sweet design done and up a couple of weeks ago and last week I had a couple more blog designs go up. I already have my schedule just about filled, but it is great to have worked on something and finally see it up live. Especially when about a month and a half ago the SS design was just a sketch in my composition book. (see below)
From this sketch, I worked it out... and ended up here...

I went to a talk give by Michael Bierut regarding his use of composition notebooks over his 30 years of design. It was an amazing presentation, I left there very inspired. The next day I bought 5 composition pads and have been sketching everything out in them since. From blog layouts, to a new desk that I built, to Tea with Dad's interview questions, the pages are filling up fast.
I wish I had started using them when I started nearly eight years ago... I guess better late than never. I'm going be excited to pass these down to Addy some day as a record of what her Daddy spent most of his days doing. I'm sure I will enjoy looking back someday as well.
Here are a couple of new finished designs that started in my composition book.
Full blog can be seen here
Full blog can be seen here
I will probably be sharing some more from sketch pad to finished design soon.

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