Vloggin' Vednesday "Daddy Q & A"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This week I answer some questions that we written in over the weekend. ***Bonus Below

***I had a question come in right as I was posting this video up, so it didn't make it on film, I figured I would answer it in text form at least...
Q: "I'm not sure what my opinion is on people blogging about the rather boring details of life with a kid... I mean, to us parents it's an incredible journey, but it isn't really a unique experience for a human being. Do you blog for your own sake, like people who keep diaries or baby books as a way to remember? Or is it for the audience? Or do you blog for Addy's sake, writing what you think she would love to hear should she ever read it? Do you ever feel like you're in competetion (not the right word but close enough) with other parents or bloggers or parent blogges? What if everyone in the world wrote about their life in a blog? Or do you honestly feel you're different? I don't understand this trend, but being the nosy-pants I am, I follow yours & a few others every few weeks. I even tried to create my own but cannot seem to find anything in my own modest yet enjoyable existence that I'd ever assume anyone else wanted to read... I find your day trips, vacations (hey we both went to NC!) and whatnot alluring.."
Sent in by Fullhouserocksmyworld

A: I agree with you about the parenting journey being an amazing experience for anyone that is
actively taking part.I am sometimes torn about what this blog does exactly. I do consider it to
be a diary of the first years of my daughters life, and mine as a Daddy. And some day this will be
an amazing thing to show Addy. Over the last year I have been gaining daily readers, I figured that
maybe it would be fun to add other parts of myself into the blog. So what tends to happen is me
trying to share things that I think are interesting or tips/ tricks or even parenting experience that could
help a  soon to bee (or brand new) parent. It also seems that there are TONS of people doing blogs
about their daily life, and I have found a lot written by moms, but not as many by Dads, so that is
something that makes it a little different. I think that doing your own blog can in some ways make life
more adventurous, because of the constant need to write. It doesn't have to be crazy life changing
adventures, but seeing all of the fun, small, good things in life can make your life ever changing and
that can be adventurous.
- Addy's Daddy

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