10 Things Addy Would Rather Eat.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are starting to get a little more aggressive with offering solids to Addy. She is ten months old now, and she is showing interest. However, she isn't always eager with what Daddy is making for her.... in fact I have a little list for you.

The 10 Things Adeline would rather eat, than the awesome food that Daddy has been preparing for her. (in no particular order)
1. Car Keys - I'm not sure if it is the clanking metal sound or the highly seasoned flavors that they have picked up by being in Mommy Bag, Daddy's Pocket and Countless random surfaces, she just loves to put them in her mouth.
2. Paper - This is the most common material that I have to reach my pinky into her mouth to fish out. Sometimes it seems that she has some type of top secret document that she has just read, and she now needs to get rid of the evidence.
3. Book Corners - Are those book corners made of  pizza? because Addy can chow down a book slice like Daddy does an I Love NY slice.
4. Measuring Spoons - At the end you know exactly how much Baby drool there is. Commonly it's a tablespoon.
5. Bottle Cap - If she isn't having the Bottle full of breast milk, I guess the cap is a close second.
6. Cat Fur - She loves to hug her little buddies... face first, and usually sits up with a fur sammich.
7. Her Own Foot - "Hey, what's this attached to my leg?... yummy it's food"
8. iphone - Hey Steve Jobs, I have a new product idea for you. Non-working iphones for babies... and call it ichew.
9. ipod Ear Buds - Have you ever had your baby give you a wet willie... well I have.
10. Butt Paste Tube - Addy, have you ever thought about what happens with the stuff that comes out of that tube? Let me give you a clue, it goes on your butt...

Now, how about trying some of these sweet potatoes?

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