How To: Pacifier Illustration

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I was talking to my friend Kevin recently about some interesting things to add to the blog here. He suggested maybe a step by step process of one of my baby designs. So, here we go. I had an idea the other day for a new illustration to add to my line of childish tattoo style kids designs... a pacifier with clip attached turning into the text banner. So, I'm going to throw this thing together with a basic step by step. 

First: brew up a nice cup of tea and clean up the pump and parts off of your space that your wife has left behind, as she had to rush and get your daughter into bed.
Next: I usually use a lighter colored pencil to do very rough sketch (in this instance pink) then add slightly more definitive lines with a pencil.
Next: Trace out lines that you want to keep on tracing paper with an art pen. I decided not to keep the rose or the embellishment scrollwork. I'll draw something in illustrator later.
Next: Scan the traced image, to get into the digital world.
Next: In illustrator, make the original sketch transparency around 50% and redraw the lines and shapes, fix curves to make it tight and smooooooth.
Next: Finish up shapes and color. I drew some rough stars in the background for texture. I think I may redo this... but you get the idea.
Last: Go to bed and cuddle your wife and baby... it's 12:30am and you are writing a blog! (I guess this last step is mostly directed at me)
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