Addy is in The Record Books

Monday, April 25, 2011

On Saturday Mommy, Addy and I joined in on the Great Cloth Diaper Change. This was part of a fun Natural Baby Expo in a nearby Town. There were more than 10,000 cloth diapers simultaneously changed around the world at the stroke of 12:30pm and Adeline's Diaper was one. I had the honor of doing the diaper change while Mommy cheered and took some photos.
As I was getting prepared for the countdown, I realized that we didn't bring a changing pad, I guess I wasn't considering that they wouldn't have a ton of changing stations set up (duh). I felt a little better as I heard the woman next to us say "I forgot whipes, how did I do that" and then another "oh man, I don't have a wet bag, anyone have a plastic bag?" It was getting hectic and Addy was getting fussy. The woman in charge started the countdown, 10, 9, 8..... and the change began.
The diaper luckily only contained a little pee (I wonder what percentage of the 10,000 had major blowouts... ok, I'm veering off course ) It wasn't my best and fastest change, but given the factors, it was ok. Today along side the Longest Tortilla and Fastest Time to Husk a Coconut with Teeth Addy has entered the record books. And we have the documentation to prove it.
Being that Mommy was nice enough to give me the honors with the diaper change, after we got back to Troy, we stopped at the bakery and got her some sweet treats. Man, being a husband and Daddy Rules : )

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