Time Flies

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I cannot believe that the due date is coming up so quickly. I remember when we first found that we were going to have a baby, 9 months seemed to be so far away. The first trimester of the pregnancy seemed like hell to Adeline's mommy, but as the sickness passed, a great developing future, bright with parenthood, has really taken hold of both of us. I know that having a child is very hard work and can be overwhelming, but all of the times I've heard parents describe the amazing feeling when their child was born are so clear to me now. There are 54 days until Adeline is predicted to arrive, but I already have that deep feeling that I imagine comes with having the child in your arms for the first time. 10/10/10 what a fine day to welcome another heart to love and cherish into our home.

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