A little Mommy time

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I want to take a little time tonight to talk about Moms (especially Adeline's Mommy), from the new perspective I have as a soon to be Poppa. Being the father here, I feel so much happiness and anticipation for our little ones arrival, sometimes I can forget the other part of this equation, being the mom and being pregnant for 9 months! Although I am reminded every night at bedtime when I have to lotion the belly, all of the extra things that I have taken on since we found out about the pregnancy can't compare to what must be going on for her. I will do everything I can to help out, but there are some things (obviously) that I just can't do. I appreciate, so much, her going through the sickness, sore muscles, strong baby kicks. Not to mention the fact that she will have to give birth, it must be a scary thought, but the courage and strength that she has will be no match to any obstacles leading to that first time that we can see our baby, give her a big kiss and tell her how much we love her. I guess some back rubs, dish cleaning, dinner cooking, belly lotion rubbing and anything else I need to do is only fitting.

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