To My Ladies

Friday, October 22, 2010

To my Wife and Daughter:
I woke up earlier than you did this morning, I just had to take a photo of how beautiful both of you looked, although I didn't want to leave the Mommy, Addy, Daddy sandwich. I can't really describe to you how complete my life is now, I feel more selfless each day thinking of what I can do for you. I really don't mind putting my finger in the edge of a diaper to test if it needs to be changed, not knowing what type of matter will be on it when it comes out. I don't feel that I need sleep anymore, I am at your beck and call, whether it is to burp you, change your diaper, give you a bath (addy) or rub you back, make you dinner (Mommy), let me know, I will be your pillar of strength and pillow of comfort.

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