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Saturday, October 16, 2010

While we were walking around the Farmer's Market today, walking and talking with Adeline's mommy, I was approached by someone from the local newspaper. They were interviewing people for a weekly section called "street talk" (a section in the paper where they put your photo and name along with your answer to a question that was randomly asked to you on the street). He caught me off guard while walking past the local honey stand, and asked "If you could pick any profession to switch to, what would it be". I was initially terrified, talking this very seriously, I didn't have time to prepare for this! Of course I know that whatever I picked wasn't instantly going to be forced upon me, but I also didn't want to have my name and photo attached to an embarrassing answer. (seriously, everyone everywhere is just waiting to read what I have to say to the question so it can be pumped to the national news) He wasn't going to wait all day for an answer.... so I just let the answer flow out of my mouth..... "I like what I do now, but I would love to be a stay at home dad and spend all the time that I can with my little one that is about to arrive".... WOW, I actually got the answer "right". Whew, that was a close one.

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