MealBaby food registry

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I never would have thought of this. My neighbor set up a meal registry for us for the weeks following the birth. Wow, is this helpful. Basically there are dates set up that will be available for people to sign up, emails sent to people who may be interested in helping and dates are booked. My neighborhood has had a recent baby boom and this has been a great way to help each other. Our registry is fully booked up. We have already received some meals, and yum yum (or nom nom, depending how you look at it), people are bringing us some great meals. Even my brother, who is usually banned from the kitchen baked us some delicious eggplant parm. This is yet another way that friends, family and neighbors have really been so thoughtful. If you are pregnant you should think about having someone set one of these up for you for the weeks after the birth.

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