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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adeline is my first child, so I don't have any other birth experience to compare to, but I couldn't imagine a more beautiful way to bring our child into the world than right in our home. I spent the prior 2 days really getting everything set up just perfect. I set up the birthing pool,on our book case, I had stuffed animals, receiving blankets and a baby music box. A sheet was hung in the big open doorway with it pulled back a little, so there was privacy and a comforting feeling, but no separation from the rest of the house. Bing Crosby pandora station was playing for much of the day, candles were lit, while the chandelier was dimmed just above darkness. We had family sitting our our settee supporting us, our midwife was with us for over 24 hours, sleeping having meals and being so nurturing and helpful, bringing us to a point of ease and confidence that is needed. I'm not going to tell the entire story here today, I hoping to have a guest blogger (Adeline's Mommy) to write about the experience.(hopefully in the next couple of days) I just wanted to write today to express our gratitude to everyone that helped us that day and have show us support in the days before and after. Our home is forever transformed by the experience and now the Love shared By Daddy, Mommy and Baby.

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